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Closed Loop Water Delivery and Treatment System

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Water Handling and Treatment

AMGP owns and operates an integrated closed-loop system of fresh water pipelines and storage facilities to support the completions operations for Antero Resources in the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale. In addition, AMGP owns the Antero Clearwater Facility, the largest wastewater treatment facility in the world designed for oil and gas operations. AMGP provides fresh water and wastewater treatment services to Antero Resources under long-term fixed-fee service agreements. The Devonian-aged Marcellus Shale is an unconventional reservoir that produces natural gas, NGL and oil and is the largest and most prolific unconventional natural gas reservoir in the U.S., producing nearly [25]% of total U.S. natural gas supply in 2018. Antero Resources believes that the Marcellus Shale is a premier North American shale play due to its consistent and predictable geology, high well recoveries relative to drilling and completion costs and significant hydrocarbon resources in place, which collectively provide for attractive well economics.

Fast Facts

38 Fresh Water Storage Facilities. 18 Million Barrels of Storage.
60,000 Barrels Per Day of Wastewater Treatment Capacity
Over 275 Miles of Fresh Water Pipelines